working to integrate tokenized securities into defi for public, retail, and worldwide use in a regulated (e.g. SEC-registered) way

How to Contribute   

Full Time

We’re currently recruiting for one full-time position, funded by Confusion Capital and 100% focused on DSI. 

This person will work very closely together with the DSI's Securities Counsel and together they will be the main operational drivers of DSI in its first year or so.


You’ll generate an enormous number of ideas for how to address the risks and challenges with tokenizing securities and using them throughout the DeFi ecosystem, which really means just figuring out how to protect users and market integrity in DeFi overall because security tokens are just a special case of... all tokens in DeFi.

You’ll learn an enormous amount about politics, law, blockchains, smart contracts, zero knowledge tech, and a bunch of other things we haven’t yet realized are necessary yet. You’ll work side by side with the Securities Counsel as you do all this and you two will constantly be bouncing ideas and updates back and forth. You’ll probably take the lead on networking to new people you guys want to talk to because you’ll probably be more extroverted than your partner in crime, but if it goes the other way perhaps you’ll depend on them for that.

We’re looking for someone who:

  • has an impressive and fascinating track record of invention – we’ll ask you about what you’ve figured out, dreamt up, built, never gotten around to building, and so on
  • has a clear interest in the phenomenon of DeFi and is confident they want to work in the crypto space for the coming years
  • is not afraid to learn the details of laws and regulations, and ideally (though not necessarily) has some experience doing that
  • is equally down to come up with technological designs, regulatory designs, and really any other kind of design that ends up necessary
  • is not stuck in any one ideological or political rut when it comes to financial regulation, but rather is down to think from first principles and go for what’s best for society even if it’s counter-intuitive

If this project works, your work over the next couple of years will lay the groundwork for the future world financial system. To apply, send us your LinkedIn or resume and a message via our contact form.


The main type of advisory input we plan to take will come from partner-level lawyers who have very deep experience in securities laws and have spent years in the field of crypto already.

We also intend to consult regularly with the companies offering or working on security token products.

To establish an advisory relationship, just get in touch and start sharing your input. Some advising may be paid for by participating organizations, and some may be pro bono. Advisors may end up co-authoring publications and helping to explain results to regulators and the industry.


Much of the participation in DSI is just informal ongoing conversations with interested parties. If you have opinions about what we’re doing, we really do want to hear them. If they are constructive and interesting, we’ll talk to you more and ask you more questions. Start by joining the Telegram group and discussing there, and feel free to ask for a call with one of our ongoing contributors if appropriate.

Who we are

The Digital Securities Initiative is an industry-wide collaborative effort with no incorporated entity or member dues required to participate. Contributing organizations sponsor their own team members to spend time on the initiative when it is in their interest.

It was started and is led by Nevin Freeman, who is part of the Reserve project, which has a vision that depends on securities being available within DeFi, but is not itself involved in security tokenization and has no financial interest in any security tokenization company.

To learn more about the initiative and who is involved, read our introduction.